A message regarding our recent CQC inspection

Dear Patients,

Swallownest Health Centre has recently undergone a re-inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the full report can be found via our website. We still require improvement in specific areas as well as overall, but the report also highlights the successful efforts that have been made so far to improve our services and in particular access for patients.

Whilst we are disappointed with the outcome of the inspection, please be assured that we will continue to make additional changes in response to the report, by working with the CQC, our staff and alongside our patients.

We are proud to be at the heart of our community and we feel confident that we will make further improvements in time for our next CQC inspection. We appreciate your support, and we ask for your understanding and patience during this transitional period.

Shingles – What’s changed?

We are aware there has been an alteration to the Shingles vaccination programme and that you may have had a letter or message from NHS England.

What is the new Vaccine?

The new vaccine is called Shingrix and is a non-live vaccine which is considered to have longer lasting effects and can be given to immunosuppressed patients. It does however require you to have 2 injections spaced between 6 weeks and 6 months apart.

For further information see the website link http://www.nhs.uk/condistions/vaccinations/shingles-vaccination/

Who can have this?

There are 3 groups of people we can vaccinate with the new Shingrix vaccine.

  1. Patients who are 50 years old and over (up to end of life) who are immunosuppressed.
  2. Patients turning 65 with a birthdate between 1st September 1958 and 31st Aug 1959.
  3. Patients turning 70 with a birthdate between 1st September 1953 and 31st August 1954

I’m already 70 or over what does this mean for me?

Anyone who has already turned 70 and upto 80 years old before 1st September 2023 is eligible for the Zostavax single live vaccine and is not included in the new programme offering the Shingrix non live 2 part vaccine. You will still be offered the Zostavax vaccine until NHS England central stock supplies are used up. After which we will then be able to offer the new vaccine, we are unsure how long this will take but could potentially be at least a year.

I turned 65 before 1st September 2023 what does this mean for me?

You will be offered a vaccination when you turn 70.

I am already 66-69 what does this mean for me?

You will be offered a vaccination when you turn 70.

I have already had my 1st Shingrix vaccination when will I get my 2nd one?

Immunosuppressed patients should have their 2nd vaccination between 6 weeks and 6 months of the 1st dose.

65- & 70-year-olds who are not immunosuppressed will receive their 2nd dose between 6 months and 12 months of the 1st dose.

Where possible we will book in both your 1st and 2nd doses, so you know when to come back.

As this programme is quite complex and we will need to add several different types of clinics please wait for your invitation from us before contacting the health centre. We are aiming to start booking in patients at the end of October after our main Flu campaign.

This programme has been estimated to take 10 years to complete. From Year 6 (2028) it will also include patients turning 60.