Practice Boundary change


Dear Patients,

It came to our attention in May 2022 that the information that is held by South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SYICB) with regards to our practice boundary differs to ours.

In order to make a change to this, we have to submit an application in accordance with guidance from SYICB.

As such, we have had several meetings over the last year in engagement with our Patient Participation Group (PPG), to understand and work on the process with regards to submitting an application to change our practice area.

During these engagement meetings, it was felt that our boundary would benefit from being aligned with the existing parish boundaries. (See figure 3).

We also considered the following:-

  1. New and proposed housing developments within our area
  2. Existing transport links
  3. Existing coverage by other practices
  4. Travel constraints with regards to home visits

We have discussed this with neighbouring practices in line with the guidance.

Frequently asked questions: -

  1. I live in an area that will be removed, how will this change affect me?

We are not planning on deducting any current patients with regards to these changes. This will only affecting anyone who tries to register following approval of this process.

  1. An additional person who be joining our household, how will this affect them?

Following approval, we will be unable to accept newly registered patients within the boundary changes, regardless of the current household members registration. Any new household members will need to register elsewhere. E.g., if you have a baby, you will be unable to register the baby with us, even though you may be registered with us. In this case, it may be beneficial for you to consider registering elsewhere also.

This information will be live until the end of July. Please complete the survey -

Please do not contact our Reception Team with regards to any queries. Should you have any further questions, our PPG will be in the waiting area with further details during the next 2 weeks to answer any queries. Alternatively, please email [email protected]

swallownest catchment area"
Catchment Area
swallownest proposed catchment area changes"
Figure 3