Patient Prospective Access to your Full clinical Record Online

November 2023

We are aware that part of the NHS England Future Vision is for all patients to have immediate access to their notes from 1st November 2023. We agree that this aim is ultimately a positive step in patient autonomy and engagement in their own care, however there are significant risks associated with a blanket policy where all patients over 18 have immediate access to their future notes.

As of yet, we feel that these risks have not been resolved and after advice from our governing bodies and discussion with our fellow PCN practices we have therefore made the decision that the safest way forward is to adopt an Opt In model of access.

The aim of this is to allow patients access in a systematic manner which allows us to review notes before release and protect potentially vulnerable patients.

Access to prospective notes can be granted by requesting access via your application (Airmid, NHS APP, practice website etc). We will then send you a declaration form to complete either via SMS or Email.

I am sure that you all understand that clinical care will take priority over notes review, and this process may therefore take some time for access to be granted after request.

This process does not fall under the Subject Access Request for retrospective information access which has its own time frames for completion.

Not all requests for access may be considered safe and can be refused if it is felt access could be harmful such as patients who have active safeguarding concerns recorded. A routine appointment can be made to discuss these decisions.

We are not currently granting access to online Full Medical records for children under the age of 16 years to their parents or legal guardians by proxy access. We do however grant access for Medication ordering and Appointment booking. This does not affect you rights to access medical records of you children under a SAR (subject access request).

Children age 16-18 years will need to request access to their own records.

Proxy access (relatives/carers who have online access on your behalf with your permission) has not changed and will still be restricted to medication ordering and booking appointments.

We ask that you do not call the surgery to discuss prospective online access as we need to keep the lines clear for clinical queries. See the FAQ’s section for further information.

If you wish access to be blocked, please email, or write to us.

If you have other questions about access, please send these via email or letter.