Rother Valley South

Primary Care Network (PCN)

Patient Information

Which Practices are a part of the Rother Valley South PCN?

Dinnington Group Practice

Kiveton Medical Centre

Swallownest Health Centre

The Village Surgery

What is a Primary Care Network?

A primary care network consists of groups of general practices working together wit a range of local providers, including across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector, to offer more personalised, coordinated health and social care to their local populations. Networks will normally be based around natural local communities typically serving populations of at least 30,000 and not tending to exceed 50,000.

They should be small enough to maintain the traditional strengths of general practice but at the same time large enough to provide resilience and support the development of integrated teams.

Rother Valley South PCN

Rother Valley South PCN have a collective patient population circa 57,000 and we believe we are the optimum size to enable us to continue to work effectively together and improve patient services and health outcomes.

What are PCN's designed to do?

Primary care networks will provide proactive, coordinated care to their local population, in different ways to match different people's needs, with a strong focus on prevention and personalised care. This means supporting patients to make informed decisions about their own health and care and connecting them to a wide range of statutory and voluntary services to ensure they can access the care they need first time.

Networks will also have a greater focus on population health and addressing health inequalities in their local area, using data and technology to inform the delivery of population scale care models.

Primary care networks will also help ensure that the NHS designs support and services to get the best possible value out of their funding for their local communities.

We will be working alongside :-

  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Social Prescribers
  • Paramedics

to deliver a holistic approach to healthcare, with a strong focus on prevention and personalised care.

Our Aims

  • To work at scale, efficiently and effectively in order to deliver Primary Health Care to the patients registered with each member Practice.
  • To deliver New Models of Care, incorporating the GP Five Year Forward View, 10 high impact actions to release capacity in general practice.
  • To develop a suitably qualified skill mixed workforce fit to take the NHS into 2020 and beyond
  • To listen to the views of our patient population in order to provide the most appropriate access to services.
  • To work together to ensure we provide good care for both patient and staff whilst continuing to maintain the independence and individuality of each practice.

NB For the foreseeable future there will be no changes to practice staff and their current roles.  Staff and patients are an invaluable and important part of this process and will be kept informed and involved at all times.  Practices will continue to operate as they do currently and patients may see some changes.  Patients will be kept informed of any changes at all times.


During the course of our work we may share your information with these practices and health care organisations / professionals.  We will only share this information where it relates to your direct healthcare needs.

When we do this, we will always ensure that appropriate agreements are in place to protect your information and keep it safe and secure.  This is also what the Law requires us to do.  If you would like to see the information the PCN holds about you please contact the Practice Data Protection Officer

Any other queries on the PCN can be directed to the Practice Manager at the surgery or contact the PCN Clinical Director, Dr T J Douglas, GP Partner, Dinnington Group Practice