Picture of S Mallinder

Hi my name is Nava (aka Dr Couldwell).  I have been at Swallownest Health Centre for eight and a half years. Prior to coming here I worked as a GP in Sheffield for a similar length of time and also worked as Paediatrician (children’s doctor) for 3 years, some of which was in Australia.  I really enjoy working as a GP as this gives me a chance to help and work with families and communities.  This has become more challenging with the changes in general practice but we try to maintain that at Swallownest Health Centre and I am proud to be a part of that.

I was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and came to England when I was 6 with the difficulties of the civil war there.  As my sisters and I grew up in England as a family we have made this our home, growing up in Wisbech and them moving to Sheffield to study medicine and then generally stay here.

I have since married someone born and brought up in Sheffield and have 3 daughters.  We all love the outdoors (the children sometimes reluctantly!) and can be found roaming the Peak District.  My personal achievement was training and running the Chester Marathon in 2019.  I build up my miles all around the Peak District and still try to run there mostly.

Working at Swallownest Health Centre with a great team of colleagues is a rewarding part of my life.