31/03/2020 – Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients,

We understand that a lot of you have many questions and queries with regards to the evolving situation with Covid-19. To try to help with these we have created this “frequently asked questions” section of our website.

This is the best advice we can give you at this time and we hope it is useful. Please do take a look at it before you call the surgery. We will aim to regularly update this section.

For more information you can find the official government Covid-19 guidance here.

Best wishes,

All the team at Swallownest Health Centre


I am now self-isolating do I need a sick note from the GP?

No you do not. You can self-certify by using the official government isolation note which you can access here.

I think I’m high risk so should I go to work?

You can find the official government criteria for self-isolation here. If you do not fit any of these criteria but feel that you should not be travelling to work then you should discuss this openly with your employer. This is a decision you have to make together with your employer. We as your GP cannot make this decision for you.

My employer wants a letter from my GP to prove I have a medical condition?

This is not necessary but if your employer is insistent then we can send you a text outlining your medical conditions to show them.

I need a prescription but I can’t get into the surgery? 

You can sign up to the Rotherham Health App https://rotherhamhealthapp.com/users/sign_in Verification has been made even easier now with the NHS login with no need to attend the practice!

We are sending all our prescriptions electronically to the pharmacies. If you have not already signed up for electronic prescribing you will be asked to do so. If a pharmacy closes because of staff shortages or illness we will direct your prescriptions to another site. If you are staying at home a well family member or friend can collect your prescriptions for you and the local pharmacies are doing home deliveries where possible.

I am self-isolating for 3 months so can I order 3 months’ worth of prescriptions?

We are sorry but we cannot issue 3 months’ worth of medication or supplies will quickly run out. Please order your medication every month as you normally would.

I want to order an inhaler in case I become unwell?

We are only issuing inhalers to patients who have used one in the last 12 months. If this is not you then please do not ask for inhalers on prescription as we need to supply them to the patients that do need them.

Do I need a rescue pack of antibiotics?

We will not be issuing rescue packs of antibiotics or steroids at this time. If you develop a cough or a fever call 111 and if you are directed back to the surgery we will give you the most appropriate treatment.

My implant or coil has run out and I can’t get it changed. What should I do about my contraception?

We have had new guidance which tells us that the implant will work for 4yrs instead of 3yrs and the Mirena coil for 6yrs instead of 5yrs. So if you are within this time frame then do not worry. If you have a Copper coil or any other coil that has run out then do not rely on this for contraception and please use condoms. We can issue a prescription for the contraceptive pill whilst you have the coil/implant insitu for additional protection. If you are still worried and want alternative contraception then arrange to speak to a nurse or GP.

I am due my DEPO. Can I still have it?

We are not booking any new DEPO injections at present. Please contact the surgery and arrange to speak to a nurse or GP for advice so we can offer you alternative contraception.

I’m due a smear. Will it go ahead?

We are only continuing with high risk urgent smears that need to be repeated within 6 to 12 months and will arrange these in the usual way. All routine smears will stop for the time being.

Can I still have my routine injections – e.g. flu, pneumococcal, shingle, travel vaccinations?

We will continue with flu and pneumococcal injections and arrange them in the usual way. Any other routine injections will be stopped.

My baby is due their immunisations. Will these still go ahead?

Yes, we continuing with all baby immunisations and will arrange them in the usual way.

I need my ears syringed what should I do?

We are not doing any ear syringing so please use olive oil or arrange this yourselves through a high street provider e.g. Boots.

My routine blood test has been cancelled. What should I do?

For the time being we are having to cancel all routine blood tests. Only patients that need urgent blood tests will be invited to the surgery. We will book you an appointment for an urgent blood test if it is needed.

The hospital has cancelled by scan / appointment. What can I do?

All the local hospitals are cancelling routine investigations and appointments. You may find you are offered an appointment by phone instead. If your investigation or appointment has been cancelled then all you can do is wait.  The hospital will re-book the appointment when the current situation changes. If you do not hear anything from the hospital at that point then chase them up. The hospital will be able to help you re-book your appointment not us. In the meantime if there is anything you feel we can do while you wait then please do give the surgery a call.

All of this is making me feel really worried / anxious / stressed. Is there anything I can do to help myself feel better?

This is a very difficult time for everyone and it is quite normal to feel like this. We have created a list of resources to help you with your well-being so please have a look at these on the below attachment.

Well being resources for all

I am unsure if I should isolate for 12 weeks?

Please find below a link to the Government guidance. This guidance covers the whole of the UK population and not just those who have been sent a letter by the government.


The primary purpose of the letter sent by the government is to identify the 2% of the UK population who are at critical risk of infection. The remaining 98% are still at risk and need to manage this risk alongside their employer.

You can decide if you need to self-isolate and discuss with your employer. In the first instance your employer should offer you remote working. If this is not possible then you will need to consider whether you fall into the furloughed employee category – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-you-could-be-covered-by-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme

Because you are well enough to work, however unable to attend work because of the risk of contracting Corona virus, we are unable to offer a fit note to cover this period. You will need to work with your employer to resolve this situation.

If you suspect that you have the Coronavirus or…

If you or another person in your household develops ANY of these symptoms:-

a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or difficulty breathing

Please do not leave your home and self isolate for 7 days.

27/03/2020 – Staffing Update!

Dear All,

During these times of great uncertainty, we are very pleased to bring some good news to you all. We are very proud to have recently employed 4 new salaried GP’s as follows:-

  • Dr Holly Wild who started 24th March will be working Tuesday and Friday each week
  • Dr Cathy Evans who is starting 30th March will be working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week
  • Dr Debbie Curran who is starting 27th April will be working Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday each week
  • Dr Janet Chelliah who is starting 1 May will be working Wednesday morning and Friday each week

We hope you will be as pleased as we are and welcome them to our Team at Swallownest Health Centre.

20/3/2020 – Coronavirus Update

If you are advised to isolate, please STAY AT HOME. Do not come to the Health Centre.

Please note that the outer door is open, the inner door is locked. The prescription box has been relocated so that it can be accessed. Please write your mobile phone number and a pharmacy that you wish to collect from on the back.

Please sign up to the Rotherham Health App wherever possible. We will call you with regards to identification.

If you have been asked to monitor your blood pressure, please can you purchase your own machine.

Lloyds pharmacy is a separate entity to us; please don’t call us with queries relating to them.

Please check up to date official guidance, including how to get an isolation note to give to your employer



18/3/2020 – Coronavirus Update

Swallownest Health Centre - Operational Changes from Thursday 19th March

Dear Patient,

Due to the predicted escalation of Coronavirus/Covid 19, and after working through the advice from National Health guidance, we have had to make some difficult decisions about how we operate over the coming weeks.

Whilst we appreciate that there are no confirmed cases in our Health Centre, we have decided that our response should be done early, in a planned way, rather than having to react to a worst case scenario.

Our priority at this time is to protect our patients, protect our staff and maintain the integrity of the service we offer to ensure that as far as possible we can continue to care for our patients. This will unfortunately come at the expense of making changes to the way that we operate. It is being done for the greater good of everyone but we apologise for any inconvenience it may cause and we hope that you understand the reasons for this decision.

From Thursday 19th March 2020, the main doors to Aston Joint Community Centre in which Swallownest Health Centre is based have closed.  We need to reduce footfall and will be undertaking as much as we can via a telephone consultation. We need to prioritise urgent and essential over routine care during this difficult time. This may mean that some appointments will be cancelled. Patients with existing pre-booked appointment will be contacted prior to their appointment.

We are not alone in our decision; many other surgeries have made similar changes.

Please can we make a plea to you not to call the Health Centre if it is not essential. We have a limited amount of phone lines and our clinicians need these to be able to contact patients.

We are only allowing people in who have been screened for an appointment or have been invited in by a clinician. Please note that you will need to press the button on the door entry system. Please can we ask that you attend alone. Relatives/friends will be asked not to enter the building wherever possible.

Please can you kindly help us by sharing this information with family and friends who may not be aware.

Please see the information below and how it may affect you:-

Prescription requests: We are encouraging patients to sign up online via the Rotherham Health App so that these can be completed electronically. https://rotherhamhealthapp.com/splash

If you still have paper prescriptions, please write your nominated pharmacy and your up to date mobile number on the back. Please note that the box has been relocated to the inner door for access. Please provide your own hand gel as we have limited supplies.

Prescription collections: Any prescriptions we already have we will allow collection, all new requests will only be sent directly to the pharmacy.

New registrations: Please download forms from our website online and send them via the website.

Fit (Sick) Notes: Please follow Government guidance regarding this https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/caring-carers-and-long-term-conditions/when-do-i-need-a-fit-note/

We will continue to update our webpage and social media platforms with any further updates

Please refer to the following link for up to date information on coronavirus https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Please note we do not have the resources to respond to any questions via our Social Media Platforms.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay safe.

Swallownest Health Centre.

16/3/2020 – Coronavirus Update

We currently have no cases of Covid-19

We have re-evaluated our operational situation today

If you are suffering from either a new continuous cough or a high temperature, please self-isolate for 7 days. Please do not come to the Health Centre. Please cancel your appointment and re-book when you are able to.

We are continuing to see patients, all of whom will be screened by a nurse before entering the building. If your symptoms are respiratory, we will ask you to go home and you will be contacted by a clinician.

Please understand that we may need to cancel/re-arrange some appointments.

Please sign up to the Rotherham Health App if you are able. See our website for details.

If you are currently requesting a prescription in person please write on the back your current mobile no and nominate a pharmacy for you to collect from, rather than collecting from us.

Please check our website for updates www.swallownesthealthcentre.co.uk

Update your details by completing the form https://www.mysurgerywebsite.co.uk/secure/cod.aspx?p=C87008

Please bear with us during this evolving process.

Thank you.

15/3/2020 – Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients,

Over the upcoming weeks, there will be major changes to how we work in General Practice.

As you are aware, we are doing our best to minimise non essential patient attendances. This is to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and protect our most at risk/vulnerable patients that need to come to the surgery for essential procedures, whilst also protecting our amazing and valuable staff.

Appointments: In light of the current Covid pandemic please can we ask that you share with friends and family the information posted on here as it comes directly from the surgery.

Please be patient with us as we try and support the community in the best way.

All appointments tomorrow (Monday 16th March) have been cancelled. If you had a pre-booked appointment please note that you will be contacted by telephone either by a GP or Nurse to discuss this and they will arrange the best way forward This will be the case for the rest of the week and for all appointments until further notice.

Prescriptions: We want to limit the number of patients attending the surgery where possible. If you have prescriptions that are awaiting collection please note we can send them to the pharmacy of your choice, but you will need to inform us of this and where you would like them to go .

We would encourage as many patients as possible to register to order online where they can. We will ask you a number of questions over the phone to establish your identity so that you don’t have to attend to show ID. You cannot register another adult, we will need their permission to do so.


Thank you,
Swallownest Health Centre

Important - Up to date contact details.

‼️‼️‼️‼️Please complete the details in the form below to update your contact details if you think we have incorrect ones, including your mobile phone number.
We need to change how we communicate with patients due to current Covid-19 climate.

Thanks for your co-operation.‼️‼️‼️‼️


Coronavirus – Advice for Patients 13/3/2020

  1. Anyone with a fever (>37.8 or if you feel you have a fever) or anyone with a new continuous cough needs to self isolate for 7 days in case you have Corona virus
  2. You do not need to call 111 or your GP
  3. You can self certify your illnes for your employer
  4. You will not get swabbed unless you are unwell enough to be admitted to hospital
  5. If you become unwell during this time then you need to contact 111 for advice, not the GP surgery.
  6. At the moment other household contacts do not need to self isolate
  7. After 7 days you can return to work (even if cough still present)
  8. If you have had close contact with a swabbed positive case you should already have been informed to self isolate for 14 days. You can self certify for 7 days and get the other 7 days from NHS 111.

You can find the latest information and advice from Public Health England at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Advanced Care Practitioner for Home Visits as of November 2019.

Swallownest Health Centre would like to welcome a new Advanced Care Practitioner to our team.

Sarah will now be undertaking the majority of home visit requests, together with our other Advanced Nurse Practitioners Elin and Liz. This will allow GPs to deal more effectively with patients seen at the surgery.

Sarah is an experienced Advanced Care Practitioner who can diagnose, treat, prescribe, refer to hospital and give advice.

Home visits are strictly for housebound patients only. Please be mindful that several patients can be seen at the surgery in the time it takes to do one home visit and daily surgery emergency appointments are available.

If you feel a home visit is required, please call the surgery by 10.30am to allow us to try to assess your condition as promptly as possible.

Our receptionists will ask for a brief reason for the visit and contact details. You will then be contacted by our Nurse Triage team for further clinical information and advice.  You may then be called back again by our visiting team if it’s thought that another service may be more appropriate.

If a home visit is then required, this may now be anytime from 8.30am – 6.30pm. If your condition deteriorates in the meantime, please contact the surgery or if an emergency, dial 999.

Thank you.